The body imperfections, a piece of art

The body imperfections, a piece of art

Posted by Maria Sotiropoulou on 20th May 2021

I really think of the body as the representative of the human soul and our trace maker of existence on earth. This idea came to me when I wrote a piece for Yusra Magazine thinking of the long lasting curfew as a form of violence -having in mind the continuous movement restrictions imposed on our bodies and on our spontaneity of moving around.

So if one accepts the idea that the body is the soul’s representative in their daily life, I think they owe it to themselves to have a good relationship with it.

Self Portait Drawings by Amrita Sher-Gilc.1924

     Self portrait drawings by Amrita Sher-Gil 1924.

Navigating through the work of famous painters I always found comfort in the body diversity and imperfections depicted in many paintings. The blurriness and smoothness of the lines and contours translated to me as a freedom from a specific shape that the body has to comply with. 

I suggest you to go through art and paintings and welcome the immense diversity of body representation compared to this general unreal perfect image we have all well-established in our visual subconscious. There were a few times, when I had gained some weight and couldn’t really accept the shapes and lines of my body. "But what I am comparing it to?" I tend to ask my self as I grow up, " my younger self or to something I have never been and I never will?". I started thinking of Renaissance paintings and this specific by Paul Rubens came to mind. 

"The three Graces" by Peter Paul Rubens circa 1635

Even if this is also another ideal of a female body, communicated for that era's needs, their diversity and plasticity and acceptance of multi-shape boundaries instead of perfect lines made me feel that I am not the only one "imperfect" and next time I am comparing my lines around my body, I can find comfort in my own design. 

(Small pencil illustration above the title by me)